Access Couchpotato without master site password


My seedbox currently has a master username and password that’s required to hit any site on my box. I was wondering how I can allow for no username/pass requirement for /couchpotato so that remote users could access the site without me providing my information. The Couchpotato would still require a user login once it gets to the page.

Thanks in advance for your help.


There’s a few workarounds for this.

To answer your question directly you could either, run couch potato to allow access from outside the reverse proxy (port 5050) and change the couch potato login details

You could also add a user to the .htpasswd file using the htpasswd tool then editing couch potato’s .conf file

I know how to do neither of these things, so I just installed plex requests and created user accounts for my friends / family on that - plus they cant screw up and delete your library by mistake :slight_smile:

Are you using Plex Request to grab the torrent file and put it into rutorrent? I was having trouble connecting rutorrent to PlexRequest.

It’s couch potato / sonarr that does the upload.

PlexRequests simply talks to them and tells them what show / movie to add to the wanted list :slight_smile:

As long as you have rutorrent set up in CP / Sonarr correctly - plexrequests should just forward the request to them.

edit: also apologies for the delay, I’d written this reply but somehow not submitted it.