About the Customization & Special Requests category

A place to post all customization and special requests. If you are looking to have any part of the QuickBox script replaced, adjusted or modified, please post your requests within this category.


  • Customization and Special Requests can be handled by anyone whom so chooses to aid you in finding your fit. Please be advised that QuickBox staff are not responsible for whom you allow to take part in your special project and as such, please screen potential developers and modders according to your own standards.

  • If you would like to pass off personal details to a developer/modder of your choice, you may send a PM or communicate via preferred methods of communication. The forum is simply a means to introduce those looking to customize their QuickBox scripts to developers/modders willing to take on the project.

  • Verified QuickBox Modders will be assigned as they join the community and submit their time for entry.

  • Please also be advised that developers/modders are typically freelance individuals, thus, will carry their own pricing requests for jobs rendered. None of the developers/modders proceeds go to QuickBox. As such, all payments are handled between you (the client) and the developer/modder in a manner that is suitable to you both.

  • Do understand that anyone taking up a given requests is doing so on their own free time, with this in mind, try not to demand free work, nor haze them if a price they list is not to your budget and or liking… this will not be tolerated.

  • Most important, be safe and have fun. We’d love to see customization’s done to QuickBox, so feel free to post your praise to your developer/modder as well as screenshots.