Ablilty to move store torrents on usb hdds

is there any way to allow rutorrent to see usb hdds attached to the computer or even for the user to be able to change hdds and im just using it on a one user setup too.

you could probably symlink the drive under your /home/torrents/some_dir to link /mnt/<usb_drive> or /media/<usb_drive> if automount is setup or use Autotools to move it.

Does the usb drive show up under /mnt or /media?

it is in media under the account that i made when i installed the os

I dont have one in front of me to try this so there might be permission issues:

ln -s /path/to/file /path/to/symlink

so: ln -s /media/user/usbdrive /home/seedbox_user/torrents/usbdrive

This will set it up so that if you go to /home/seedbox_user/torrents/usbdrive that its really pointing to /media/user/usbdrive

there is that exact issue i have the media folder symlinked so if it moves if can get to it or if i add more than one device but there is now a perm issue one dir in side of the media dir.

i will be doing a fresh install anyways on it once i figure out this issue to get rid of quotas
if i deside to reinsall it

new delimea rutorrent wont see the symlink… even when i chown it 777 so it is read write and delete to everyone