Ability of sub user to access master user's download


I created a sub user with its own rtorrent setup/downloads. The sub user can access its own rtorrent/dashboard/downloads folder through the web.

But if the sub user tries to access the master user’s download folder, apache2 allows it. The sub user can NOT access the master user’s dashboard rtorrent/deluge-web, but I don’t want the sub user to access the master user’s download.

Ideally I would like to create a sub user who has no access to any dashboard, but just the downloads folder., I am just not that proficient in apache2 configs to roll up my own configs :-).

Any assistance is appreciated.


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Confirmed! :frowning:

To access other users folders you simply change the username in the directory address. You do not need to be logged in as that user.

Example: https://domain/box1.rtorrent.downloads if you change the “box1” to “box2” it gives you full access to that folder.

This should probably be moved to bug reports since I doubt this was intentional.