A humble thank you!

Day 1: Got a tiny little server from Online.net - had @dtech_banned perform a guru install on it, and received excellent service and feedback - joy!

Day 2: Started thinking about all the awesome stuff I could do with a better server - found a great deal on the Hetzner server auctions. Had @JMSolo perform the guru installation - once again, excellent and fast service.

On both occations I’ve asked some silly questions, yet only received detailed and polite responses in return - all for just 5$ per install, talk about bang for your buck!

Now I have a great QuickBox server running, the few issues I’ve run into, have all been solved by performing a search or two on the forum.

So in short; thank you for making the awesome QuickBox - I can’t wait to see what the future will bring :+1:


Thanks heaps for the awesome feedback @soot :revolving_hearts: The pleasure is all ours and glad you are enjoying QuickBox and certainly looking forward to the future and it’s offerings. Look forward to having you in our community for a long time to come!

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Thank you for giving us a chance to prove we are the best(the only) one that does what we do.
Also thank you for your kind words, We do our best to solve the problems we encounter and within a timely fashion, and we take pride in what we do. and try to make QuickBox as painless as possible.