A few things i would like to pick your brains about



first off i am loving this script just a few things

can it be possible to introduce when rtorrent is restarted it deletes the rtorrent.lock in the sessions folder

how can i remove a banned ip from fail2ban been trying for ages lol

and lastly is it possible to suspend a seedbox mainly for when you are transferring files over scp is always better to suspend the seedbox



The “reload” function from console will remove the .lock file if your rtorrent is stuck and won’t start on reboot.

Fail2ban IPs can be reset by restarting the service – service fail2ban restart. You can also flush ALL rules from iptables with the command “sudo iptables -F” However if you have any other desired firewalls rules this will flush them as well.

What do you mean exactly suspend a seedbox? If you mean disable rtorrent then you could either kill rtorrent and disable the cron job (crontab -e) or temporarily comment out the startup line for rtorrent from the file /home/$user/.startup


You are an absolute genius sorry for getting on your nerves i suppose i am trying to run before i can wall but i do appreciate all the hard work you are doing

many thanks