[2.4.4] : rutorrent error 200 [parsererror,tasklist]

I keep getting this error when I access my RuTorrent interface

Looks like a process has potentially corrupted your settings. Did you recently try to create a torrent or anything in regards to performing a task?

refresh my screen, not really anything

You can try making a backup of your settings folder and start fresh, see if the error goes away. I know it will not occur on it’s own and something triggered the error.

mv /srv/rutorrent/share/users/_username_/settings/ /srv/rutorrent/share/users/_username_/settings_BAK/

Then restart RTorrent from your dashboard.

yea that fixed it

This is specifically a permissions issue with the tasks list (as you may have guessed by the error message). I often resolve this issue by deleting the tasks (history) list from the share folder so rutorrent can start over with permissions it dictates.

rm -r /srv/rutorrent/share/users/liara/settings/tasks

Replace my user with yours

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