2.4.0 - Disk Quota Widget shows Wrong Partition after uninstall of the Quota Feature

I dunno why this reoccurred after you fixed it in a unreleased beta but some how my widget got reset back to the / partition and not /home

Yeah, this is one of those unfortunate unavoidable’s that have occurred as it needs to do a force update on the widget in order to process the new additions to the widget itself.

You should be able to do the past adjustments to set this right:

cd widgets
rm disk_data.php && mv disk_datah.php disk_data.php

after a full reboot that fixed it

These darn reboots. I think you’re the 3rd person to say that a reboot helped it. It may be a requirement as this is a rather large update. I will add that to the instructions.

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only after the moving of the widget it forces the software to reload the fixed plugin

So its fixed for me as well. Uninstalled quotas, and had it reporting on /(root) instead of /home.

Followed directions above (as root) and that fixed it. I did not, however, have a disk_datah.php in the same folder, but i was able to find it in /root/QuickBox/dashboard/widgets and I copied it from there to the folder that “dashboard” put me in (/srv/rutorrent/home/widgets).

Now, I just have this crazy % with 10 decimal points, see here: http://imgur.com/gnIQ7ew

Any ideas, is that normal, or did I mess something up and will need to edit the php myself to fix it for now?


the math comes out to be correct (dunno why you have that many zeros tho

Look, you guys DID ask for EXACT numbers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s actually pretty funny that it reports down that low. I may need to tweak the arithmetic there… I don’t think it should be reporting that low.

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