2.3.6 rutorrent visual suggestions


Hi there

In the autodl menu there´s a small visual bug.
Using Chrome and when you mouseover “Announce Channels” the effect somehow does a line break.

Create a torrent has a visual bug too - the recent tracker is darkened until mouseover.

Also the themes Quickbox Dark and club-swizards look a lot like a copy - maybe remove one of them? :slight_smile:

Best regards


Thank you for your reports @Globber.

This looks like an additional amount of padding is being adding to the :onhover. Should be a simple enough fix and I will post up an update on this later today.

This is actually intentional by design. We could perhaps lighten the button a touch more.

They are pretty much the exact same skin. Quickbox-dark however is there for anyone whom would like to experiment with making changes to the skin without breaking their Original 'Club-Swizards` skin. So, this theme is a courtesy and a playground of sorts.