What do you home seedbox users think? public ip monitoring

So say you set up a box at home, you set it up to have it able to log in from outside your home. but your isp changes your ip often. how would you like to be notified when you ip changes so you know?

how would you like to see implementation of this on a package for QuickBox. personally i think for the home builds this is really useful not much use for the people using server rented. but i have one at home i would love to know if i am not home what my ip addy is.

VOTES matter!!

I dont run quickbox at home but I run other apps(next cloud, sonarr, couchpotato, plexpy, plexrequests, etc, etc) and I have a dynamic IP. It doesnt change often but when it does it would break my apps for people outside. I use duckdns. I have domains so I point my subdomains that are hosted at my house to the name.duckdns.org but I could just use the name.duckdns.org if I wanted to.

Why even care if your IP changes when you can just always call the dns name and it works? multiple OSs are supported.


i used to do DC++ Hub hosting used No-IP or Dyndns

i’m not hosting a seedbox at my home connection (because slow as f***), but i have a remote connection open.

i use a script via my home router to update my dns with my home ip
but as demonotaku and RXWatcher said, there are enough dyndns services out there, no-ip, dyndns, afraid.org

don’t now which of these would actually work with automatic setup via the script