Subsonic display issues

Hey everybody !

I met a issue after Subsonic install. Subsonic does not appear correctly.

Someone has already encountered the problem ?

Running Ubuntu Server 16.04 on KIMSUFI SERVER

Sorry for my bad english , i’m french :wink:

Looks like there are currently some issues in general with the Subsonic installer package. I will need to review these issues later today and will post back with an update. Thanks for the report :slight_smile:

Hey ! Thanks ! :slight_smile: Have a nice day and week-end !

It’s reverse proxies acting up again. I don’t recall this being an issue when I pushed the rev proxy update a couple weeks ago. They may have changed something interally


Yes, I have some spare time lying around today and I am going to give a quick peek into this.


Issue was a bit of an error in our configuration. I just pushed an update to subsonic that should fix this issue.

Hello ! I’m novice ! :confused: How to simply fix that ? :slight_smile: Thanks for your help !

No worries @TheoNorep! A simple upgrade should do the trick.

box upgrade or sudo box upgrade (if not logged in as root)

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Thanks ! :slight_smile:

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It works ! :slight_smile: Thanks you so much !

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