Shared Server Content

Me and a few my friends have a server that we share. We’d like to have all the information shared, by this I mean all the torrents and downloads in the same folder - although each user should have it’s own subfolder.
This would prevent us from downloading the same content multiple time.
I’d prefer not having to share one user password but instead have different users with the content shared.

Is this possible?

Check out the NextCloud option, as this can be easily achieved. Follow this guide to set it up and symlink accordingly. It’s honestly the easiest way. Otherwise you can install the _h5ai directory and easily browse each users directories.




Thanks for the information!

NextCloud or h5ai would allow to share only the downloads, right?
When each user logs in, they only see their torrents so they wouldn’t know what’s new, correct?

I would prefer the NextCloud option for this as h5ai will simply make each users downloads directory view-able/downloadable via simply entering in the users name in place of your own on the download links. It’s a matter of preference really, however, NextCloud will be much more robust and allow you to do a number of things. It’s all a fiddle with this and fiddle with that game. :slight_smile:

Sure, sharing the downloaded files.
What about sharing the actual torrents so people don’t unknowingly download the same thing?

Hi JMSolo,

Thanks for your awesome instructions on setting up nextcloud. I was able to easily get this to work; however, I have a few questions.

  1. Since this system works on creating file shortcuts between the main media folder and the nextcloud folder; is there anyway to automate the linking of new files when lets say SickRage puts a new show into the main media folder?

  2. Also, I noticed that NextCloud doesn’t automatically pick up on deletion of files from the main media folder; instead you have to run the re-scan command manually. How do you handle this?