Rutorrent: Bad response from server: (500 [error,list])

Out of nowhere I’m getting this error and unable to see anything in rutorrent

maybe a config file got corrupt?

Bad response from server: (500 [error,list])

would appreciate any help thanks

Couple of questions for clarity.

  1. What OS and Release are you using
  2. Version of QuickBox
  3. How many torrents are loaded
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Debian 8.5
v2.3.7 I just tried to update to newest version hoping it would help. Not sure if it actually updated to latest

right before incident I did load up a lot of torrents it currently has 3200

If you are updating from v2.3.7 to the current v2.4.2, I would suggest you check out this post.

You will need to perform just a couple of manual tasks to meet the needs of the new directory structure of your /torrents directory.

3200 torrents loaded could produce the error in regards to the php.ini settings. You can up the memory limit by doing the following:

sed -i "s/memory_limit = 768M/memory_limit = 1024M/" /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini
service apache2 restart

Although 768M should be a high enough value, sometimes having several thousand could require a bump.

Also, just double check that your space requirements are in order. ruTorrent will go into kill mode if there is not enough disk space. Once you update to v2.4.2 you can also run a couple of other commands to ensure a clean system.

removepackage-cron- this will set you up-to-date with the new systemd that has been implemented.

These commands didn’t fix it. Appreciate your help.

Did you also follow the instructions on the post I referred to you?

You can additionally restart rtorrent from your dashboard after the update.

If you like, you can send me your server details in PM and I can login and fix it up for you.

I have the same issue after updating, but just on main account. rTorrent is working fine but RuTorrent won’t load.

Try to create new account just for test. Auto-dl plugin still doesn’t work for me but otherwise its fine.

Atleast in my case its somehow account bound.