Reverse Proxy Support Live!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick announcement here: reverse proxy support is now live! We’ve been able to standardize a lot of URL endpoints here and make a hard switch to SSL on the panel - a feature that has been requested for some time.

Some things to note about this update:

  1. This update assumes that you are running default port configurations and have not altered SSL access manually.

  2. Port remote access has been removed. All apps are now bound to localhost and are only accessible through the proxy. If you have made any changes to ports or ssl, please change them back to default before updating as you will likely not have remote access after the update except through apache. Config files can still be changed by hand if you run into problems!

  3. pyLoad, Plex Requests and btSync are not supported at this time

  4. Deluge web will likely come at a future date

As always, please let us know any issues you run into. I’d be happy to get them sorted out as quick as possible.



Since this update, I’ve been having trouble installing various apps. For example, PlexPy, CouchPotato.

sabnzbd installs but shows a red dot in status. Seems to work though. Any ideas?

Having problems with Jackett too.

Good job! Most things I’ve tested works like a charm, found this one though:

I am running my QB on my own domain with Let’s Encrypt - and started getting errors in rTorrent about some of my plugins no working due to the rTorrent user not having read/excecute rights. Sorted that with a sudo chmod -R a+rwx /srv/rutorrent/plugins

Resolved installation issues for sickrage, couchpotato and jackett.

I don’t have any issues with PlexPy - bear in mind the installation now takes a minute or two to complete.

Still doesn’t work for me. Perhaps I have something else wrong.


Well seems like i got Sonarr and Couchpotato working with Jackett - using: