Installing filebot help

So after installing some old nickolodeon shows ( forever a child at heart) and some of the old cartoons are split into A and B episodes which plex will not recognize at all. Is there any special things I would need to do to install filebot on the quickbox setup, it seems pretty straight forward but I wasn’t sure if there was anything behind the scenes I needed to change

You should be ok just installing it as is. The only things that would be potentially overwritten would be items you add to the dashboard itself. Other than that, there shouldn’t be a conflict.

Hey JM, I had a question. is it possible to mount my server as a network drive to my pc so I can just use filebot for windows?

That I wouldn’t really know. Truth be told, I haven’t messed with filebot very much. I am not too sure if you can mount your server as a network drive either.

Hmm ok, I’m just having issues with Plex for shows like spongebob where they dont have compliant names for plex to pull properly

@xcrailer You’d be looking for something like SSHFS

It’s not perfect, but I have mounted drives before for the purpose of creating a proxy from a server that has poor peering to me and routing it through a server that had better peering to me.

I have filebot working correctly on my quickbox systems. I use AMC to process the shows: FileBot AMC not working