Install Let's Encrypt on your seedbox



Is it possible to enable HSTS on the server?


fix for what exactly ?


Have you tried it? Going for the A+ on the SSL test? :grinning:


lol yup, and yeah I did it! Success! A+ :smiley:

I also edited some stuff to increase security. if you scan on this website :

there is a section at the bottom of the page which has some tips to improve your server security a little bit.


Hi Guys,

anyone has tested Certbot (


No need to use certbot when you can use the built in LetsEncrypt installer
sudo su box install letsencrypt

No https for rutorrent?

It’s my go to every time I’m using QuickBox - for nonQB servers I do use certbot though - it’s just too handy!


I managed to get this installed, thank you for the guide. I just have one issue. What would be the equivalent of this line but for Deluge?

sed -i "s|DocumentRoot /var/www/html|DocumentRoot /srv/rutorrent/home/|g" /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default-le-ssl.conf && service apache2 restart

Since Deluge is going to be my main client I want to set it up under ssl the same as rutorrent. Thanks!


Found the info myself here so leaving the reply in case someone else needs it: Get other programs on QuickBox to use LE certs