How to add new FTP user with access to specified directory?

Can anyone please tell me how to add a new FTP user with access to a certain directory (the media folder in my rutorrent folder). Thanks.

Ivy:~# adduser --help
adduser [--home DIR] [--shell SHELL] [--no-create-home] [--uid ID]
[--firstuid ID] [--lastuid ID] [--gecos GECOS] [--ingroup GROUP | --gid ID]
[--disabled-password] [--disabled-login] [--encrypt-home] USER
   Add a normal user

so this is the output of adduser --help, when adding a new user you would do this from shell

adduser --home /home/YOU/downloads/rutorrent/ (might not be accurate i dont use default paths) --no-create-home USERNAME

you would also want to block that user from being able to ssh in /etc/ssh/sshd_config

someone correct me if im wrong, but that should be pretty close. just make sure you set your directory right, and if it isnt set right userdel USER and try again :slight_smile:

edit: i actually answered this question a year and a half ago. Adding a guest FTP user

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