Hetzner and speedtest

Hello all!

I’m currently looking into a Hetzner box to use with some private trackers, however I heard that some people have bad peering. I wanted to test what kind of speeds I could expect, using the Hetzner Speedtest (http://speed.hetzner.de/).

However, access to the site is really slow and I get 0.02 Mb/s when I finally start to download the 1GB file. I have tried from both my wireless and wired connection. Traceroute shows I’m less than 10 jumps from the domain, so I should get much better speed. I’m expecting around 5 Mb/s.

So I was wondering, is there a Quickbox user that would allow me to download a test-file from their Hetzner server? Hopefully I would get better speeds than 0.02 Mb/s.

I’d suggest asking if someone would be so kind as to run a iperf3 server for you:

It does indeed seem like iperf3 is what I’m after!

I’m crossing my fingers :smile:!

somehow i am not able to share file with rutorrent.
here screen cp from Filezilla and “segment download” with Firefox addon. i don’t have any peering problem to Thailand