Happy Birthday to me?

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/blog/happy-birthday-to-me/

It’s the time of year where I selfishly indulge in my own world and share with the world that it is my birthday. Last year, I did some random facts about me however this year, I’m not going to be doing that.

This year instead, I just wanted to share how much I’ve learnt about Linux, QuickBox, using Dedicated Servers and how this community has helped my knowledge grow.

I’ve learnt a lot about Linux however I still feel like a novice. However, whenever reaching out for help, I’ve never been made to feel stupid or similar. That’s the difference with the QuickBox community in that we all support each other.

So, thank you to everyone for being awesome. And yes, don’t you worry, there is a competition on our Discord channel for a QuickBox Pro licence to celebrate my birthday. Go on, go and enter! It’s only 24 hours so you haven’t got long to win!