Happy Birthday JMSolo!

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To the man that started it all, to the man who does the development of QuickBox Pro, and to the man that pays my bills (yes I have bills to pay), everyone at QuickBox would like to say Happy Birthday to JMSolo!

Now, Mr Solo didn’t specify which day his birthday actually is, so we’ve taken a guess as to which day it is. So, instead, we will be celebrating the success of JMSolo all throughout may.

JMSolo actually stands for “Just Means Solo” because he does all the work on his own. It’s a sad story, but one that will be told through generations in children’s nursery rhymes 😉

Every week, there will be a chance to win a QuickBox Pro licence, as well a QuickBox DNS Service, and so much more!

You’ll need to be on our Discord Server for the chance to win so don’t forget to join and check it out.

Remember, if you’ve purchased QuickBox Pro, to use the unique code in your email to promote your role!


Congrats to being another year older, Fellow Taurean! Mine is May 3rd!
Happy Birthday JMSolo!

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And an early Happy Birthday to you as well! :cake::heart:

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