Downloads folder access to public

This will work, however; please take caution that this method will reveal your entire downloads directory. The purpose for the symlink to the public folder is largely due to being selective over the items that are placed within this visible directory. Although, if you want all data/download to be public, then absolutely this will work! Thanks @duk242 :smiley:

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i just want to add a userfrom the htpasswd file who can access the folder.
but it didnt work just adding the user and passwd into the file

what do i have to edit in the aliases file ?

Require user <username> is the line that sets access permissions for logged in users

can i insert two lines for that ?

or how do i list 2 or more users ?

to add multiple users.

require user martin jane joe jack

hi, i successfuly create public download access using ondansetron solution.
the problem is every time i run RUN UPDATER in quickbox dashbord, it revert back to original. (it removes the public alias line)
so i have to edit again the aliases-seedbox.conf file.
how can i make this change permanent?

Change this to something like /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/public-download.conf and you should be ok.

it works!
thank you @JMSolo :slight_smile:

Hello !

I know this topic is old but it is exactly the subject of my question.
I followed your tips and it worked for a long time on all browers. Thank you for that !

Fact is, since few months, this solution doesn’t work on my firefox anymore. But it’s still working on chrome, edge, opera, safari, etc. Only firefox is asking username and password. I didn’t change anything.
If someone has an idea to debug this, it would be awesome !