Bad submodule reference may had borked updates

There was a recent update that was pushed to fix data arrays on plugins for installation from the dashboard. While pushing this commit I fudged the head/reference on the submodule. This may had caused some users to not be able to update from their dashboards and could had produced a blank System Response in the widget.

To combat this, I have updated and fixed the offending submodule (thank you @tchoot for pointing this out)

You can run the new update as follows:

cd ~/QuickBox/packages
git checkout master && git pull
bash system/updateQuickBox

The next time you open your System Response Widget you will see the resulting update… on closing, as per the usual it will clear the log file.

Sorry about the trouble if you were affected. :blush:


I’ve run these commands but for some reason the logo for QuickBox is still missing and I cannot get the menu to drop down when clicking on my username up in the top right of the UI. Please advise on how to fix.

Yeah, a 2.3.8 update may had found it’s way into the Stable branch. You should be able to run the following to fix it.

rsync -aP --exclude=disk_*.php ${local_dashboard}* ${rutorrent}home

Thanks that seemed to do the trick! :smiley:

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Since doing this I have been stuck at version 2.3.7 when I check for updates it just does

Pulling QuickBox Ecosystem ... 
Already up-to-date.
quickbox_setup              :: Already up-to-date.
quickbox_rutorrent          :: Already up-to-date.
quickbox_rutorrent-plugins  :: Already up-to-date.
quickbox_packages           :: Already up-to-date.
quickbox_dashboard          :: Already up-to-date.
Checking for quotas and adding lock file if necessary ... 
Checking new dependencies and updating as necessary ... 
Updating QuickBox System Commands & Packages ... 
Updating the useradd skeleton directories ... 
Updating the rutorrent directory ... 
Updating the QuickBox Dashboard ... 
Updating the QuickBox Sudoers template ... 
Adjusting permissions ... 
[QuickBox] Seedbox & GUI Update Completed ! 

Close this dialog box to refresh your browser

Please advise on a way to fix this, thanks a ton!

Have you followed the guidelines posted here? Note that the 2.4 is the official future-proofed version and this sets the foundation for all future releases… since the update to version 2.4+ is a major release there are a few manual factors you must take notice of. They are all explained within that announcement.