Amazon Cloud Drive

I havent had that many people hit it yet but yes, it seems reliable. I have 1.2TBs in it now. I know people have played back media on web and rokus. Fast forwarding is an issue.

My issue remains of having to remount it after every upload so plex can see the new media.

I am thinking about moving to only this. I, too, have a large media server at home…36TB. I’m thinking if I can replicate it all in ACD/GDrive with rclone that I can way cut down on my home internet usage.

SyS CA still seems like the best connection for me to ACD/GDrive. has been terrible.

Yes, I’ve had good success with SYS CA in the past. I’m in Canada so that helps too. Maybe in 1.34, they will fix the remounting and fast forwarding issues. If that’s the case, I think I’m sold. Just need to slowly upload all my media first.

or just re-download it. Thats how I’m going to handle it. I had a local couchpotato/sonarr and I’ve moved those databases to my quickbox system. That worked. I havent reconfigured them to point to the new mounts yet but I will. I will then have them pull fresh copies of everything. There is no way I’m uploading it all from my house :slight_smile:

Yes, I suppose that’s an option. Go through your media and see what you want to have and re-download it. I have 20mbps upload at my place. Would take about 2 months to upload it all.

You can use such a script and run every 30-60 min on cron to check the mount status (I found it on the web, not my original script).

You create a file that the script will check “mountmon”, if not it will mount/remount and update with new content.

acd_cli sync
if [ -f "$FILE" ];
then echo "still up"
else fusermount -u /home/plex/.acdmount \
&& acd_cli sync \
&& acd_cli mount /home/plex/acd/.acdmount


It’s not that the mount drops, its that it doesnt see the files that are uploaded. It’s a caching issue with the mount. You need to remount it to see the new files uploaded outside of the mount.

I’ve actually found the mount to be a lot more stable than acd_cli. It’s never dropped on me.

I’ve had pretty good success with the acd_cli since i started only uploading content via the command line, and i haven’t had to remount the drive in the last 6 days. And i’d estimate that i’ve uploaded close to 5TB in that time.

In relation to streaming from the ACD, i have my plex set up pointing to local and mounted files and it seems to play both without difficulty, in fact there’s only a few seconds extra wait for the ACD files to start playing. However, i started messing with different players and found better responses. My native player is the plex app for Samsung Smart TV, and the ACD can take a little longer to access, but it will still work well. The PS4 app, i don’t see any real difference in loading speeds. Same goes for the iOS app on the iPhone 6 and web. So it can be a player issue aswell, if that makes any sense.

Just wanted to say thanks a lot RXWatcher, your comments helped me finally get everything working.
I’m having the same issues with having to remount the FUSE drive so that Plex will detect the new media and also the same seeking issues. Hopefully this will improve with the next release of rclone. I have my setup on a cheap 2vCore VPS, but it seems to be working decently. Occasionally when I try and play a video I’ll experience some stuttering, but that may actually be my home connection as it’s pretty slow. Casting from Plex to my Chromecast seems to be working fairly reliably. Is anybody here joining there FUSE mount and local sorted using UnionFS?

You’re welcome. I’m glad my effort of documenting it has helped at least one person. I’m hoping with 1.34 that we’ll have a totally stable process and then I want to put in to have it incorporated into QB.

I have not tried the unionfs with rclone. I tried it as part of my acd_cli experiment back in Feb/March and it never worked well for me. I always ended up having issues and would point plex to just the acd_cli mount. It wasnt a huge deal for me. I figured my plex people could wait while the media uploaded to acd. Look, you’re getting to watch X for free…you can wait a little bit for it. :slight_smile:

Just got this working. Too bad that seeking doesn’t work. About to test the remounting issue. My upload speeds to Google Drive are only about 15 MB/s sadly from So You Start.

Needed to remount. What sort of workflow do you use for this? Once per day, unmount, upload, remount when nobody is using the server?

I’ve been manually triggering the uploads for now and then yes, another script to do the remount. It wont let you unmount it when someone is using it so you could put it all into one script that is run every X time.

trigger plex to scan

if someone is using plex it wont unmount so they wont lose lose contact with the media and drop the stream.
They also wont get the latest shows until everyone has stopped playing shows so it can do the unmount/remount/scan.

Yeah I’m also manually triggering scripts with a similar process to RXWatcher. A sync media script, that also starts the rclone upload process. Then another script that unmounts and remounts the cloud drive. Then finally manually triggering a Plex scan.
My process is like this:.

rTorrent completes a download and moves it from downloading to downloaded.

syncmedia filebot script hardlinks the media and sorts it in another folder and this folder then uploads to ACD.

Then finally remount script and manually trigger Plex rescan.

I intend to automate everything by having rTorrent trigger my sync media script on every completed download and then also running once at night just to ensure it refreshes. I was also considering using a script to monitor changes in my downloaded folder to start the scripts as that might be more reliable. I’m pretty new to Linux and headless servers so I’m still trying to figure it all out.

Did you guys see the announcement today about Plex Cloud? Other than no end to end encryption, it’s intriguing…

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It’s interesting but will wait a while to see how it shakes out. The lack of encryption is a real issue for me.

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Can setting up ACD with your seedbox also be used to seed content? I understand the speeds wouldn’t be the greatest as the data would be come from another server but for long term seeding I think this would be a nice solution instead of transferring data home and seeding off my home connection.

Performance wise, yes. I have been syncing encrypted data between ACD and GDrive today. eno1 is my nic.

Rx is reading from ACD, Tx writing to GDrive.

Would it be smart? I dont know…

i’d be ok if they just hash file names rather plain text.

Hi Guys

I got into the Plex Cloud Beta, if anyone has any questions, i’ll try my best to answer them.

Thats awesome. Congrats! Let us know how it works for you. I would do it but still concerned about the unencrypted media.

I moved 2.5TBs of data from Encrypted ACD to Encrypted GDrive yesterday. If it pans out, I can always move all of that to unencrypted ACD.