QuickBox Comms Updated



Hi everyone! Recently, we have made some updates and an all-nighter revamp on our system. Today we’re happy to announce our new and improved methods of reaching out to the QuickBox Community!

Discord Server is Now Up!

If you’re a fan of Discord chat, you can also join our server at https://discord.gg/hCCbVhu. We’re preparing some fun stuff for you so come and check it out!

IRC is Back!

You can use your preferred IRC client and connect to our IRC network.

Network: irc.quickbox.io
Port: 6667(default) or +6697(SSL)
Channel: #QuickBox

A more detailed guide on how to set it up can be found here

"Nah, too much work/I’m too lazy to configure my IRC client"
No worries! We all have those moments where we just wanna sit down and do nothing right? Well, we have some good news for you! Skip the hassle and join our IRC in a just a matter of seconds by using our web IRC below:

Webchat: chat.quickbox.io

On-Site-Support/Private Ticketing

For those of you who ordered QuickBox Pro, Guru Installs, or even our DNS, you have access to our private ticket support.